Clooned 3D Marketing Tool
Clooned - 3D Marketing Tool

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Easily embed 3D model and display them seamlessly on websites, mobile phones, tablets, and touchscreens.

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Trusted globally by leading enterprises and growing startups

Clooned 3D Marketing Tool
Mullen Lowe Interamerica
The leading advertising and communication agency, used our WebAR service at their new branding event.
Clooned 3D Marketing Tool
TDU Defence Systems
One of the world's leading defense industry textile companies uses our 3D viewer with Web-AR.
Augmented Reality for International Defence Expo
International Aerospace & Defence Expo
''The Augmented Reality Exhibition Area'' was held at 8 different QR points for 3D WebAR models.
Clooned - 3D Marketing Tool

3D Everywhere: Web, AR, VR

Clooned is available across multiple platforms and technologies. Users can experience your 3D models and environments in a variety of ways.

Web Sites

Easily embed your 3D models on your website. Bring products to life and make it interactive for your website visitors.

Augmented Reality

Web AR feature allows you to bring 3D models into the real world using your device's camera, with no need to download any extra application.

Virtual Reality

Using a simple VR headset or cardboard and fully immerse yourself in 3D models without the need to download any application.

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How can you boost your product marketing with Clooned?

Detailed 3D Information

Create detailed information on your 3D Model and let your audience have the details on specific points.

Sales & Marketing

E-commerce or direct sales; this is an engaging and interactive way to give product details.

Guides & Manuals

Digital clones can be used to create step-by-step instructions for after sale support.

Maintenance & Repair

With Clooned technicians work more efficiently and effectively, and can improve the quality and reliability of products.

Our Special Features

You Digital Product Clones anytime, anywhere with Clooned's web-based viewer, featuring fast loading, appless AR/VR, secure hosting, and easy to use for all.

High Speed 3D Models

Clooned 3D viewer is designed to load models quickly, providing a smooth and seamless user experience.

No Extra App for AR/VR

Users can view 3D models in augmented and virtual reality without the need for an app download. All only via Web!

All on Cloud

Clooned handles the hosting of your 3D models, so you don't have to worry about server maintenance.

Empower Your Expo Engagement

Use Clooned at your next expo or trade show with a single link for;

- Interactive Touchscreen Displays

- Augmented Reality

- Virtual Reality

- Tablets and Computers

Frequently Asked Questions

3D viewer FAQ

You can host, stream, embed and display your 3D documents across various platforms, including websites, mobile phones, tablets, and touch screens. Clooned offers a seamless solution for showcasing 3D content with easy 3D model embed.

Usually in seconds. However, the upload and 3D process time for a model on Clooned varies depending on the file's size. Smaller files process faster, ensuring better model performance. However, even larger files up to 250MB are supported and processed efficiently.

Yes, you can. After uploading your 3D model on Clooned, we auto-generate an embed code for the 3D model. Copy the embed code on your Models List and easily paste it on your website to showcase your 3D model online.

Clooned accepts 3D models in 15+ formats, such as obj, STL, 3D Max, glTF, FBX and more.

We highly recommend GLB and GLTF file formats for uploading your 3D models on Clooned.

Absolutely, Clooned' s 3D Viewer is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless viewing experience on tablets and touchscreens.

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