Clooned 3D Marketing Tool
Clooned - 3D Marketing Tool

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Meetings and Presentations

Revolutionize Meetings and Presentations with Clooned’s Web-Based 3D Viewer

Clooned is a game-changing tool for professionals looking to empower their meetings and presentations. With the ability to create and view digital clones in 3D viewers, augmented and virtual reality, Clooned allows you to bring your ideas to life in an engaging and interactive way.

Clooned Meeting Benefits

Share Your Screen
Clooned allows you to easily share your screen with other participants in a meeting, webinar or presentation.
Better Understanding
By creating digital clones of your products, you can give your audience a realistic and detailed view of what you are trying to sell or showcase.
Online Meetings and Webinars
Share your viewer for seamless communication and collaboration, regardless of where team members are located, making it a powerful tool for remote work and online meetings.

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Clooned is a web-based 3D viewer for web browsers, and Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) system without the need for an app download. 

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