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3D model on website

Embed 3D Model on Website

Easily embed your products’ 3D models on your website.

Bring products to life and make it interactive for your website visitors. With Clooned, you can easily embed 3D models on your website, giving your visitors an interactive and immersive experience. Whether you’re a business owner looking to showcase your products in 3D, or a developer looking to build interactive 3D experiences, Clooned has you covered.

Embed 3D Model on Websites


Use your 3D files online! Showcase your products in 360° tours or create no-app AR experiences with simple, no-code embed links.

3D Website Embed Features

3d model on website
Easy Integration
Clooned's simple embed code makes it easy to add 3D models to your website, with no coding required.
3D model on website
Interactive Features
Bring your 3D models to life with Clooned's interactive features, such as rotation, zoom, info points and more.
3D model on website
Mobile Friendly
It works seamlessly on mobile devices, giving your visitors an experience no matter where they are.

Are you searching for a cloud-based 3D Viewer that can elevate your product display on your website?

Advantages of Using 3D Model on Website

Enhancing Product Visualization
Clooned excels in presenting products in a dynamic and interactive manner. The 3D viewer allows customers to explore every detail, fostering a deeper connection with the product before making a purchase.

Increased Customer Engagement
In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, engaging the audience is paramount. Clooned not only captures attention but also keeps users involved, increasing the likelihood of conversion and brand loyalty.

Boosting Marketing Effectiveness
Traditional marketing tools may fall short in conveying the uniqueness of a product. Clooned, however, provides a distinct advantage by offering an immersive experience that sets brands apart in the market.

How to Embed 3D Models on WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide

Add your products in 3D on your website

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In conclusion, Clooned emerges as a game-changing 3D marketing tool that redefines how businesses connect with their audience. Its advantages in product visualization, customer engagement, and cost-effectiveness position it as a must-have in the modern marketing arsenal. As businesses strive for innovation, Clooned 3D Viewer stands at the forefront, paving the way for a new era of marketing excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D viewer FAQ

Clooned is a web-based 3D viewer that allows users to create Digital Clones. So we can view their 3D models on web browsers, in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) without the need for an app download. 

You can send your 3D models in any format and Clooned will make them ready for online viewing. The models can be embedded on websites, used for AR, or VR. Clooned handles hosting and charges a yearly licensing and usage fee.

Clooned accepts 3D models in any format, such as obj, STL, 3D Max, glTF, FBX and more.

Yes, hosting is included in the service. All the models are hosted on secured cloud servers.

Clooned charges a yearly licensing and usage fee for its service. 

Clooned is a web-based 3D viewer for web browsers, and Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) system without the need for an app download. 

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